Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lucky Brand Jeans

Today, I received a small package in the mail from who else but Lucky Brand Jeans! I was pleased to find a keychain, a mysterious leather strip that reads 'LIVE in LOVE' (both my mother and I are puzzled as to its purpose - maybe it's just a tag that they attach to their jeans, and thought I would like?) and a handwritten note tucked inside. It's so good to find that some big companies still take time to market customers individually, by treating people with special kindness. I mean, all I did was comment on Denim Highway's website, and they spent money on me. Postage was $0.58 in itself, and the keychain / leather strip probably cost under $2 to make - but still. I've spent $0.00 on their products in my life.

So anywho, here is what the note says:
Hi Jamie -
Thanks so much for your nice note about Denim Highway and good luck in college.
- your friends at Lucky Brand Jeans

This company definitely deserves everybody's business. I don't live very close to any of their stores - but just as soon as I'm in a city with one, I'll go in and try on some clothes.

The other day I got my hair cut into a shag like Sandra Bullock's in The Lake House. And I'm going to pick up my new 50s-looking glasses at the eye doctor on Monday. Retro-ready for college!


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Anonymous said...

Lucky jeans are very nice but they are kind of expensive.. but I have to agree.. that was very nice of them to put a note like that in there..
By the way, I love Sandra Bullock's hair in lakehouse.. that will look good.. I'll cya soon!